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Changing Perspectives with Photography in Pittsburgh, PA

A passionate eye can transform commonplace subjects into breathtaking beauty. Our urban landscape has so much to offer, and my gallery captures just a tiny fraction of our great city. 

Skill, technique, and professional-quality equipment help me create introspective and innovative images. My photography highlights Pittsburgh, PA, in ways you may never have considered, inviting you to explore our communities and neighborhoods with fresh eyes.

Everyday Inspiration

Nothing in our world sits still, and our landscape is constantly evolving. Even the concrete and steel of Pittsburgh change over time. Finding beauty in the everyday is what drives my city photography. With the Theeyesofoz gallery, you can explore my unique perspective of the landscapes, statues, objects, and architecture that people tend to take for granted. Moments of quiet contemplation, colorful enthusiasm, and peaceful contentment exist in varying examples of my work.

Reach Out for Details

I hope to have sparked intrigue and a desire to learn more about my work. Please explore my second gallery of photographs to discover a side of the city you have never seen. Reach out to me with any questions about my photographic process, or fill out my contact form, and I will get back to you with the information you require.