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Sculpture Of Hockey Players - Original Photography | Pittsburgh, PA

Bridge With an Andy Warhol Banner - Original Photography | Pittsburgh, PA

Flowers and a Butterfly - Original Photography | Pittsburgh, PA

The Pittsburgh, PA, Photographer Turning Ordinary Into Extraordinary

A photo doesn’t have to include the famed natural wonders of the world to be beautiful. Theeyesofoz believes that even the everyday surroundings of nature and cityscapes can be made into a work of art with the right eye for detail. That’s why my work as a photographer in Pittsburgh, PA, is done with the intention of capturing the beauty of the streets. I photograph all manner of scenes, buildings, and landscapes. These colorful shots of both natural and urban subjects are full of flowers, monuments, water, and glimpses of a sprawling metropolis.

Sometimes, getting a sense of the bigger picture means you need to zoom in, get up close and personal with the subject. At other times, the reverse is true. You have to step back and get an overall impression of the entire vision which then allows you to appreciate the tiniest detail. Big parts and little parts alike go together to make up the whole. This often is the key to city photography — not overlooking what others fail to see, although it’s right under their noses. 

As a photographer, I am not held captive by the lens. Instead, I use it as a portal of discovery which lets me appreciate the beauty, color, and wonder that can easily be found throughout the cityscape. Make no mistake, Pittsburgh is an expressive and expansive platform for practicing the art of photography. The city’s charms come to life in brilliant works of art just as much as they come in the subtle glory of a tree or the way light plays with shadow on the street side.

City photography is a joy, and it’s one that should be shared with others. It is what I do with the images I capture and offer on this site.

Theeyesofoz website includes 2 online galleries of unique photography. These pieces can make perfect decorations for your wall or office, inspiring you every day to take a closer look at the colorful visuals of the world around us. You can also find these works in the online store, where you can order prints in a variety of sizes and price ranges. I do my best to keep my art easily accessible to as many patrons as possible. Please feel free to get in touch with me if you have any questions about my work or the ordering process.

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