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Coconut Sculpture and Flowers

Color Blindness and How the Person Sees the World as Color Blind

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Artistic Building Exterior

Inspiration Is Everywhere

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Trees and Flowers

Finding Beauty in the Mundane

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Butterfly Garden - Original Photography | Pittsburgh, PA Neptune Statue - Photography | Pittsburgh, PA Glass Flowers - Photography | Pittsburgh, PA

Capturing Art as a Street Photographer in Pittsburgh, PA

We look, but how often do we truly see? Art and wonder are all around us, yet each day, most of us go through life without noticing it. As a street photographer in Pittsburgh, PA, at Theeyesofoz, I see this beauty and freeze it in time. Through my images, you can marvel in the grandeur of a simple street scene, be captivated by the curve of a statue, or be amazed by the shading and texture of an incredible plant.

By starting Theeyesofoz, I have turned my passion for finding the art in buildings, landscapes, and scenes of daily life around the city into a business. Pointing a camera and clicking is not what I do. Instead, I capture fleeting instances that never happen again, truly living in the moment and finding the little things with my camera that make our world such a fantastic place to live. Check out my work and then select landscape photography prints from my online store to remind you of these magical moments.

What some might see as mundane is anything but. The camera strips away the commonness of a setting to reveal what majesty lies at the core of an image. I scour the city for landscape photography, which will at once be both familiar and yet dazzlingly new. The resulting original urban photographs are perfect for a longtime resident of the city or visitor alike.

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Exploring New Perspectives

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Seeing the World through Different Eyes

Everybody has a different view of the world—both figuratively as well as literally. In a literal sense, I hope to expand people’s views with the images I capture with my camera. I started my photography project as a way to explore how color-blind individuals see and interact with their surroundings. Over time the project continued to evolve into what it is today. Do not hesitate to reach out to me with any questions you have about my work and mission.

Heinz Pickle Balloon In Full Color - Photography | Pittsburgh, PA Heinz Pickle Balloon Without Green


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